He walked briskly on the pedestrian bridge, not that people would think anything was out of place if he ran, but he walked, like every other hasty passer-by on the streets of Oshodi. He got off the bridge and resisted the urge to run to the BRT bus stop. He stopped in front of one of the vendors to get a ticket. Why was the guy so slow? He paid, snatched the ticket from the vendor – a move with left the vendor shouting “oga, take it easy na, haba!”- and hurriedly entered the bus. He made his way to the back of the busRead More →

African literature

Awero woke to the sound of wails. It was the second time in three weeks that the procession would pass her house. “Awero!” Her mother wailed as she ran into her room, “Come and see o! They have found two more dead men in the forest.” “Ehen? Who and who died this time?” she asked sleepily as though she didn’t already know. “It’s Moshoodi o, Moshoodi the mechanic and Ojo, Iya Alakara’s sister’s son,” her mother replied. “Eeya!” she said drily and turned on her side to continue sleeping “What kind of thing is this, ehn Olorun? I’ve always suspected that there was something inRead More →