Hi, here’s another duplicated post. As a child, I was taught that an older person is wiser and always right; they have been on the earth longer and have had more experiences than  you, ergo, they deserve your respect. My people have a term for older siblings/people: “Egbon”. It means ‘one who is wiser’. But maybe after this little story, you’ll see why I disagree with that theory occasionally. My older  sister and I were alone at home one day and she wanted to fuel the generator, so she picked up the keg containing the fuel and poured into the fuel tank. There is aRead More →

Alright, I’m back *sigh*.  Y’all aren’t giving the self-hosted site any love. :'( But hopefully, you’re still here, so I’ll duplicate the posts from there on this blog. Here’s one of them: Scrape. Scrape, scrape. I’m cleaning house today Ridding myself of your lies and perversion Scraping and dusting corners and rooms Peeling out the poison that is  the very essence of you. Scrape, scrape, scrape. You’re hard to get out; How did your tentacles spread this far? When did you get so deep under my skin? I try to shut you out, but your fumes find their way back in; And when I thinkRead More →