Hey everyone! This was written by a friend. His name is Victor. Enjoy. Some say home is wherever the heart lies; others believe home is where family is. I say home is that place that has become a fundamental part of you, a place you know you will always return to, regardless of wherever you go, whatever you become or the heights you attain. Such places have an almost talismanic effect that makes you identify with the most minute and mundane things that associate you with it. For eighteen years, that place beckoned and finally, I answered. Leaving the big city and all its enchantmentsRead More →

Salma was our village belle. In our eyes, she was perfectly formed: smooth, light skin that one could almost make out in the dark, and a face that could only be compared with, well, nothing.  We had never seen anyone like her. Even our parents, some of whom came from the land beyond the village boundary rocks knew nothing, no one like her. She had bright, brown eyes, and it was difficult to look elsewhere whenever she turned them on anyone; they seemed to have a hypnotic quality to them. Her nose was straight, and her lips were pink and full. Her wild, black hairRead More →