Hi guys, My good friend, Anita, whom I affectionately dubbed “Neeta”, is up today. She talks about a Danielle Steel book she read.  Truth be told, I am no Steel fan. I guess it is because she takes the dark road…or the road not often traveled if you will. However, this book “Malice” takes on a journey of decay, truth, survival/strength and more. Danielle Steel’s “Malice” depicts happenings in today’s world and the sufferings of a girl child (teenager) with the consent of her “supposed” protectors; as well as willingness to survive against all odds. This book leaves no stone unturned and keeps you guessing!!! ItRead More →

Simon Snow is the Chosen One. And like all Chosen Ones, he is a hot mess. He has so much power, more than has ever been seen in the magick realm, but so little control. He only needs to slightest provocation to “go off” and leave destruction in his wake. He is kind of like Harry Potter if Harry was roommates with Draco Malfoy and they were in a really weird love triangle. They go to Watford, a school for the mages, where the Mage (think Dumbledore) brought Simon when he was 11. Apart from his annoying roommate Baz Pitch (Draco Malfoy), the only otherRead More →

  Some days, you wake up to startling realizations about yourself. Like the fact that you would much rather sit at the ocean side, listening to waves rise and crash against the shore and artificial bays, lost in a good story, than speak to humans. Or that it doesn’t even have to be by any body of water; just holding a book in your hands, being generally out of reach of humans, getting lost in stories and lives that are or would be in another time, another place, is enough to fill your heart. Then, you do everything to always have that joy, that safeRead More →