In many cultures, stories and folktales are told not only to entertain, but also to pass on important lessons about life and living. Some of these stories are infused with magical realism; this makes them more memorable, and the lessons more so. This is what D.O. Fagunwa did. The stories do not merely tell of Akara-Ogun the brave hunter and his many adventures in the Forest of Demons, they also record important aspects of the Yoruba culture and tradition, such as religious beliefs, language (proverbs), food, dressing, music, artifacts, food, vocation, values, and social hierarchy. Some of the richness of our culture is preserved onRead More →

Hiiii! Remember that time when I came here to weep about how I couldn’t get books? Well, that’s changed! Now, I have so many options, I have to be placed on a ban periodically. Fellow book hoarders nerds, let me share with you some of the places where I get my fix:Read More →