Author: Rebecca Bahn

Published: May 6, 2014

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children’s Book Group

Format: E-book

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

ISBN13: 9780544110090

Source: Netgalley


Marni is half-woman, half-dragon. Both sides of her are constantly at war and pulling her in different directions: the dragon in her draws her into the woods, a place that is out of bounds to the villagers, and when the Spirits in the woods start telling her it’s time to come home, the human in her wants to stay with her grandfather. When the dragon, her father, sends the woods after her in a bid to bring her home, swallowing every bit of land in the process, Roderick, Marni’s uncle, who also happened to be the king, sought earnestly to finish the work he started several years before: rid the land of the dragon’s seed. Through a series of brave, life-changing events, Marni learns the truth about herself, and where her home really is.


The story is told by Marni, and from the first pages of the book where she tells about the trees invading the land, you can tell that this is no ordinary child: she is with a different view of the world. She is strong, and will bend to no one’s will: not her grandfather, the one whom she loves most and will give up everything for; not Edgar, the one whose laughter makes her laugh and who makes her insides dizzy with his kisses; not her father, and not even me, her audience.

Hahn paces the story really well, and gives more it than the usual happy ending. I liked the characters, but some of them didn’t leave a lasting impression on my mind. My favorite, of course is Marni: her frustratingly strong will and her ability do effectively paint pictures with words are her best features. Next is Gramps, who had the courage to let her live and to sacrifice himself for her on more than one occasion. I enjoyed reading this book, and I did not put it down until I was done.


4 Stars


To fantasy lovers

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