Book Review: Adam

Book Review: Adam

Adam_(Ted_Dekker_novel_-_front_cover)Book Title: Adam

Author: Ted Dekker

Genre: Thriller

Format: E-book

Published: April 1, 2008

Publisher: Thomas Nelson


“Debates about the existence of Satan and God are the stuff of foolish children who are arguing about whether the world ends at the tree line in their backyard. An afternoon adventure into the woods would settle the matter for them. Take a trip with me, sir. I’ll show you the forest. And when you start to scream, I promise to hold your hand.”

Alex Price slowly transforms from the dark, brooding young man with a beautiful sister who shares his horrible past, into a meticulous killer who picks out female victims every lunar cycle. Alex Price is Eve. He plans the murders and the scenes months in advance, leaving Daniel Clark, the behavioral psychologist, and his FBI team more confused with each incident. And now, Eve sets out to take his seventeenth victim to get to his first Adam. Alex Price is unstoppable, but Daniel Clark is unrelenting; he will go to any lengths, including orchestrating his own death to find Eve. But when push comes to shove, will Daniel’s logic be enough?


Dekker tells the tale through the eyes of a tortured killer, and through the mind of a man who believes in nothing but human logic. He explores the age old battle between good and evil, and he also suggests that there is no middle ground; the grey area between light and darkness is an enemy to both and one will have to pick a side, eventually.  He says that evil tries to hide or disguise itself, and tends to target those who are least suspicious of his power. But they have to be willing participants. The portrayal of some of the relationships was slightly misleading, but I did like the back story. The back story was presented as nine monthly  magazine installments, placed sporadically throughout the book. I liked the story telling too. And it may be because I read it at night right after I watched a horror movie, but I was a good deal terrified. This is my first Ted Dekker book, so I am not familiar with his writing style, but I think he made his point.


3 Stars


If you like a good thriller or supernatural stories, you will enjoy this book.

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