Book Review: Eyes Wide Open by Ted Dekker

Book Review: Eyes Wide Open by Ted Dekker

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Source: ARC from Netgalley

Publisher: Worthy Publishing

Published Date: January 21, 2014

Format: E-book

ISBN: 978-1-61795-273-9

Genre: Thriller


Christy and Austin are teenage friends bound by a common disease: amnesia. Neither of them knows anything about their past or their families. But while Austin is secure in who he is in the present and his ability to think his way out of most problems, Christy is stuck on her self image and believes she cannot truly know who she is unless she finds her family.

Through a series of events and mistaken identity, they both get admitted into a psych hospital which uses unconventional means to treat its patients, and the lamps are the only way out. Can Austin think his way out of this? Will Christy give in to pressure? Or will they both turn on their lamps and see?


The premises in this book are simple. First, that we each live in our own perception of reality and truth, and consequently, our experiences depend on what we see. Secondly, that we are not our beliefs, brains or even minds. I liked reading it, although I almost put it down after the first 10 pages because I thought it disturbing. I liked the story and the idea of it, but some things were left unexplained. I liked most of the characters, and Austin was my favorite. I loved his unique mind and his unwillingness hang his identity on the things he didn’t know about himself. Overall, it’s a good read and will make you think.


If you love Thrillers, or if you loved House by Dekker and Perretti, you might like this.


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  1. Because I am a HUGE Dekker fan, I found this book amazing. But…I will say that the ending of this book will make 10X more sense if you’ve already read a handful of his others. Although most of his books (aside from the Circle Trilogy) can be read as stand alone novels, they are usually connected in some way, shape, or form.
    On another note, his books are rather disturbing at times. I’ve literally closed my eyes at parts as if watching a gory movie, then felt stupid because closing your eyes does nothing to get past the part.
    I really could talk about his books all day though, so I will stop here. Highly recommend anything by him! I’m currently reading The Sanctuary, the sequel to The Priest’s Graveyard. Another must-read!

    1. Hello Jessica, yes being familiar with his writing style, makes reading easier. I’m new to the “Dekkerdom”, this is only my third book, but yea, I like him.

      1. His books have yet to disappoint. If you need any recommendations, I have an endless list. 🙂

  2. Oh thank you! That’s great, I’ll keep it in mind. What other genres/authors do you read?

    1. I read a wide variety of books/authors. Ted Dekker is my idol, so naturally I’ve read a lot of his work. Right now I am big into classics, but I can never resist a good thriller or murder mystery. I tend to read those more than fantasy or sci-fi.

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