Book Review: Threads of Home by Jodi Barrows

Book Review: Threads of Home by Jodi Barrows


Source: ARC from Netgalley

Publisher: Moody Publishers

Published Date: January 14, 2014

Format: E-book

ISBN: 978-0-8024-0938-6

Genre: Romance, Christian


Strong, beautiful, and free-spirited, the Mailly granddaughters have weathered many storms in the past eighteen months. Liz, Megan, Abby and Emma are settling into their new lives in the developing and friendly Fort Worth, Texas. They’re getting married, starting families, following their dreams, starting businesses and finding love. Another storm is on the horizon; will they be ready this time? Or will the storm destroy everything they have worked hard to build?


I didn’t particularly enjoy reading this book. It is a sequel to Threads of Change, which I have not read. I feel as though an entire book is too much, and the details could have been fit in an epilogue for the first book. There was too much going on; too many details were crammed into the book in an effort to stretch it. So much more telling than showing. There were too many characters, so much that at some point I lost track of who some of the characters were or what their relationships to the others were; I just found it difficult to keep up. The points of view from which the story was being told also switched constantly. There were also typos, but I read the uncorrected proof, so I suppose those won’t be in the final copy.


I’m not sure whom to recommend the book to.


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  1. Do you do book reviews?…I would love for you to review my book…I wrote an autobiography called Taking Back the Pen. Its only on Amazon but it is recent and I was told that I needed some reviews.

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