the lityard

Zaynab Quadri is a literature advocate who prefers to remain anonymous. Her writings, pictures, and book reviews will make you believe anew in the power of words. Enjoy this chat with her. Welcome to The Lityard, Zaynab. Please tell us a bit about yourself? Hello. My name is Zaynäb Quadri, a journalist, product photographer, and teacher. I have ambitions to be that crazy book lady if traveling the world with no money proves impossible. In the Nigerian (and perhaps much of the entire) literary web space, you are one of the strongest advocates for African literature; what inspired your love for African lit? I won’t romanticizeRead More →

Jowhor Ile

I first heard of Jowhor Ile when the orisa herself, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, mentioned his name in an interview and said we should look out for his debut novel. An endorsement from Adichie is not something to be taken lightly, so I immediately went on the hunt for the novel. It also made me very happy when I found out that the novel was set in Port Harcourt, which is one of my favorite cities ever. I finally caught up with Jowhor and we chatted over chilled beers. I found him very warm, eager, and completely without the airs typical of some writers. He agreedRead More →

By Franklyne Ikediasor I first heard about Ms Okparanta’s novel earlier this year and the title, Under the Udala Trees, struck me, mostly because the Udala fruit is one of my favorite seasonal fruits and my home town gets its name from the same tree. So, it holds some sort of sentimental value for me. I then read the synopsis for the book and was blown away, so I desperately sought the novel until I found it online. I remember staying up all night to read the novel and when I finished I had to take a few hours to process all the various emotions IRead More →