the lityard

Books are arguably the most pleasurable sources of knowledge. Through them, you experience worlds and cultures different from yours, peek into the minds of criminals, and walk in the shoes of geniuses. You learn how the world’s greatest empires were built, how to roast duck perfectly, and what really happened in the Nigerian Civil War – really, books are the key to the world. Many benefits of reading have been identified: stress relief, improved concentration and empathy, vocabulary expansion, and improved writing. Reading books, and not just newspaper articles and social media posts, stimulates the brain  and improves brain function – your brain is like a muscleRead More →

When you grow up hearing how lacking or inadequate you are, confidence can be a mountain climb on a wet, slippery morning. As your repertoire of all things ‘not quite’ expands, you try not to hate ‘So and So’s child, whom your mother has said is so much better than you. You don’t know how come they’re better, but you know, because you’ve been told, that you don’t measure up.Read More →