Dear Self

Dear Self

Today’s prompt on Jeff Goin’s writing challenge is to write a letter to your unborn kids or yourself 5, 10 years ago. And then share it.

Dear Self,

I love you. I love your sometimes unruly self.  I love that you stand for the things you stand for.

I love the way you’re not bothered enough to be affected by some of the social pressures facing your peers. I love your old soul and your knowing smile. I love your mind, how amazing it is and how many things it knows, I love you.

There’s nothing wrong with walking alone. You don’t need anyone’s permission to live life by your design. Spend all that time and energy you’re expending chasing friendships cultivating that mind of yours. Study! You will find your own people eventually. Trust me.

I know it only takes a few, well-placed barbs to get your head hung and your hand withdrawn, but you have go past that.  Tell your mind what to accept. Tell it what to think. Tell it to think that you are beautiful, and worthy, and okay. Tell it to think that you’re okay. Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and say it if you have to.

All those classes you recently stopped paying attention to? You’re going to need them in about 10 years. Please, pay attention and set your mind to winning. You can excel, you can succeed, you only need to be willing to do the work.

Live in the present. You need to stop floating around, sitting on the edges of conversations and living on the outside. Be there. Plant your feet. Listen. Learn. Quieten your mind, and pay attention. It will help you gather all the experiences you need for life.

Take pictures; it’s not cheesy. Make memories and keep them. Be considerate. Be thoughtful. Treat people the way you would appreciate being treated. Go the extra mile. Give. Laugh more. Smile. You look so much better when you do.

Dream. Let your mind expand and conceive possibilities. Don’t be afraid. If you don’t learn to stay, if you don’t learn to dream, in about 5 years, you will be walking the streets of Lagos with no clear direction in life, just hoping to get by each day. Others will size you up and give you their own dreams to run with for your own life and you will be left frustrated and crying over and over again.

Let the people around you know your policy on hugs and Ice Cream. Write. Don’t be afraid to open your heart and tell your story. It’s your power.

Write. Don’t be afraid to open your heart and tell your story. It’s your power.

Have faith and courage. What do you have to lose by believing?

You will be okay. Always. No matter how many blows life deals you, how rough life gets, how beat down you get, you will be okay. You will always be okay.

You will always be okay.

What do you think?