Guest Review: Malice by Danielle Steel

Guest Review: Malice by Danielle Steel

Hi guys,

My good friend, Anita, whom I affectionately dubbed “Neeta”, is up today. She talks about a Danielle Steel book she read. 
Truth be told, I am no Steel fan. I guess it is because she takes the dark road…or the road not often traveled if you will. However, this book “Malice” takes on a journey of decay, truth, survival/strength and more.

Danielle Steel’s “Malice” depicts happenings in today’s world and the sufferings of a girl child (teenager) with the consent of her “supposed” protectors; as well as willingness to survive against all odds. This book leaves no stone unturned and keeps you guessing!!! It is so plausible you can practically feel the characters come alive.

I think I am now a convert… Thank you, Danielle Steel for telling the truth.

Anita Dabor

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