I think I love you
But I don’t know….
Maybe I love the idea of loving you
Of loving,
Of belonging and having
Of giving and surrendering
I think that’s what I miss

I think of you a lot
I think you’re hurting
And I want to make it better
I know you’re not enough
I know you want more
But I know I want you. I think I want you

I think you love me
But maybe you don’t
Maybe you love who you think I am
I think you see who I am.
But maybe, just like me, you think you love me
I know you don’t love the idea of me
I know you say I’m perfect for you
But maybe I’m not
Maybe someday,
you’ll be wanting more than I have to give
Maybe you’ll resent me for the things I love

I think you’re hurting
But maybe you’re not
Maybe it’s a smokescreen
Maybe you forgot about me the minute I said “no”
Maybe this was all a game,
And the chase has come to its uneventful end

I know there’s something in your heart for me
I’m not sure what it is
I know you wanted to go away, to forget about me
But you couldn’t; I’m not sure why
I know you’re angry
I know you miss me
I know you wish I had let you kiss me
I know I miss you too
And even though I really want to
I cannot make it better
I will not make it better


  1. I think this beautiful , i know it is
    I am not sure why, maybe cos i can relate.?

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