I remember you
Your deep frown and hearty laugh
The way your eyes lit up when you were pleased
And how they darkened and almost disappeared as your grin widened in mischief
I remember how you would fold both hands and place them on your head as you sat
Or bring them together at your back as you walked
Kicking pebbles, shifting the weight of the world from one shoulder to the other

I remember the illness, how it started:
One day you were just tired and needed rest,
The next you couldn’t get up any more.
I remember, that it didn’t, couldn’t take out the light in your eyes
Or the warmth in your hands
And I remember being sure that you would get up;
You still had to walk me down the aisle and name all my children

I remember the princely sway and swagger
The one that never left your walk even when all that was left of your frame was skin and bones
I remember you from my dreams
The ones I had of you standing up for me, being with me,
Looking out for me even after you were gone

I remember, that nothing warned me of your departure
Save the vision that flashed before my eyes the first time I was in your hospital room
Of you, stretched out, covered from head to toe in white sheets
I remember the day you left
Well, I don’t remember much,
Except for the hour I was told you were gone
The denial, deep pain, and then, understanding and acceptance

I remember the throng of people, the dirty slippers and the wailers
I remember the look on your face as you lay there:
Peace, rest and content
I remember having to watch you lowered,
And the panic that almost closed up my throat as I realized
That we would have to go on without you, forever.
I remember the heavy, dark clouds
And how the sun didn’t shine until you were lost to the layers of wood and six feet of red earth

I’ve remembered you every day since, because there’s really no getting away
You’re in the whites of my eyes, the palm of my hands
The flesh on my belly and the straight of my legs
Your mischievous grin is always mirrored on my own face
And that sway, it’s present in my brother’s walk
I see you, without even closing my eyes, and I feel you
Living inside of me, your every breath in sync with the rhythm of my heartbeat
I will remember you, long after my brain has run out of memories
My heart will still house you, and it will never stop loving you.


  1. True and touching! Just the way i remember him… Sadly some broken hearts never mend and some memories never fade

  2. That’s my husband for you, I found a lover, a friend, a confidant, a father in him. Not angry for I day. A peaceful man to the end . Even at death he smiled on…… Ummmh” kokoro ko je kaa gbadun obi to gboo.” I missed him greatly.

  3. It’s uhm……effusively narrated. God be with you.

  4. whatever our lots,he has taught us to say,it is well with our soul!he’s still watching honey,from above and working hand in hand with God on your behalf

  5. Hi Bukky, this is really nice. I am writing a collection of peoms for my mom; she passed away last year and i wanted to seek your permission to include your peom in there ofcourse I will acknowledge your work in there as well.
    Please ket me know if this is okay.

  6. Amazing!!! I am so proud of you. Keep on writing my love. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

  7. Hmmmmmn! Memories whether good or bad we will understand it better by and by

  8. Very touching. . He lives on sis…

  9. Continue to Rest in Peace “Daddy Bukky”… We wl never forget you! Brings back good #Memories…Thanks Bukkie…

  10. Wow… truer words couldn’t have been said better than your poem dear. Beautifully written. May Daddy’s soul continue to rest in peace. *hugs*

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