ilé Adé

ilé Adé

African literature



Whatever we tell ogbo, ogbo must hear

Whatever we tell ogba, ogba must accept

O east wind, come quickly, rise with the sun,

Carry these words on swift wings to Omo Ade

Wherever his head may lay;

Let duty come before adventure

And let the west wind bring him home


Omo Ade ooo!

Seven days after your departure,

While our faces were still wet with tears

We received some guests

Strange men who told us they were friends of yours

They brought us gifts, beautifully wrapped in the finest damask

A place to rest their travelling feet

Water for their faces and food for their journey

That was all they asked

So we invited them into your house,

Gave them drink from your gourd,

Prepared a feast and invited them to eat.


But the strangers have betrayed us, Omo Ade

They have tied our hands to our backs

While they feast on our food

They cart away your valuables

And your children stand helplessly by

Weeping for honour of their father’s house

These men are no friends of yours;

The stench of their wrapped faeces now fills the village


Omo Ade, do you hear?

The shrine of your ancestors lays crumbling

Your brothers have joined with strangers to plunder your house

The ones you trust have sold your wares for next to nothing

Come back home, Omo Ade;

Come and defend the house your father built.


  1. I’m ashamed to say this is the first time my phone has successfully redirected to your blog and I had my fill going through all the posts I’ve missed.
    I loved them. Every word. 💕

    1. Author

      Welcome, Ayeesh! Thank you for reading, and hope to have you back here soon. 🙂

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