Known and Strange Things by Teju Cole

Known and Strange Things by Teju Cole

Teju Cole is master of his crafts. His extensive knowledge, deep understanding, and detailed explanation of them are startling. In this collection of essays, Cole discusses topics ranging from literature to photography to art, music, travel, the Black Lives Matter movement, world politics, social media, Boko Haram, mob lynchings, and so much more.

Reading this book felt like fine dining, or like a journey around the world. The places he takes you may be breathtaking or unexpectedly ramshackle, but rest assured that the view is worth the journey. The end result will be a sound education of the mind and an awakening (poking and prodding at the least) of your conscience. This book had me deeply in thought, smiling, and sometimes even giggling.

Maybe not everyone will enjoy it as much as I did, but I recommend that everyone at least pick it up and read, not just for the beautiful, beautiful writing, but also for the sound education of the mind.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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