Hi, here’s another duplicated post. As a child, I was taught that an older person is wiser and always right; they have been on the earth longer and have had more experiences than  you, ergo, they deserve your respect. My people have a term for older siblings/people: “Egbon”. It means ‘one who is wiser’. But maybe after this little story, you’ll see why I disagree with that theory occasionally. My older  sister and I were alone at home one day and she wanted to fuel the generator, so she picked up the keg containing the fuel and poured into the fuel tank. There is aRead More →

Alright, I’m back *sigh*.  Y’all aren’t giving the self-hosted site any love. :'( But hopefully, you’re still here, so I’ll duplicate the posts from there on this blog. Here’s one of them: Scrape. Scrape, scrape. I’m cleaning house today Ridding myself of your lies and perversion Scraping and dusting corners and rooms Peeling out the poison that is  the very essence of you. Scrape, scrape, scrape. You’re hard to get out; How did your tentacles spread this far? When did you get so deep under my skin? I try to shut you out, but your fumes find their way back in; And when I thinkRead More →

Dear Readers, I forgot to mention that we’re now on a self-hosted WordPress site: www.radsimply.com. I do apologize for the late information. New content will be posted there, going forward; please read, share, comment and subscribe. Thank you for  believing!Read More →

Hi guys, I’m trying to write something new, but I’m kinda stumped at the moment. So here’s something a little more recent than the others. This was on a friend’s blog and was originally titled ‘Mix-Up. I add new characters to the story for another friend and now I’m calling it ‘Noisome Night’. Please leave a comment, let me know your thoughts.  Shogo  Shogo ran as much as his empty stomach would allow, looking for the pharmacy he knew was somewhere around. He prayed that it was still open. He had just entered the street where the pharmacy was when he saw about ten menRead More →

He walked briskly on the pedestrian bridge, not that people would think anything was out of place if he ran, but he walked, like every other hasty passer-by on the streets of Oshodi. He got off the bridge and resisted the urge to run to the BRT bus stop. He stopped in front of one of the vendors to get a ticket. Why was the guy so slow? He paid, snatched the ticket from the vendor – a move with left the vendor shouting “oga, take it easy na, haba!”- and hurriedly entered the bus. He made his way to the back of the busRead More →

African literature

Awero woke to the sound of wails. It was the second time in three weeks that the procession would pass her house. “Awero!” Her mother wailed as she ran into her room, “Come and see o! They have found two more dead men in the forest.” “Ehen? Who and who died this time?” she asked sleepily as though she didn’t already know. “It’s Moshoodi o, Moshoodi the mechanic and Ojo, Iya Alakara’s sister’s son,” her mother replied. “Eeya!” she said drily and turned on her side to continue sleeping “What kind of thing is this, ehn Olorun? I’ve always suspected that there was something inRead More →

African literature

This is another old story. Let me know what you think.   She held the mirror away from her body so she could see as much of it as the little square of it would allow. Her face was flawless, her skin was radiant and the wrapper tied around her waist hugged her curves just right. She smiled at the reflection of herself. Her mother’s voice brought her back to earth, “Awero! Answer me and let us go o!” Awero took one final look in the mirror and made her way to the front of the house. “I am sorry, Maami,” she said. “I don’tRead More →

I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings; I was in a hospital and my head hurt tremendously. I tried to move it, but the pain only intensified, then I touched it and felt the bandage, and then it all came back to me slowly; Oti had proposed and I had tried to get out of the hammock, I must have fallen and hit my head. Suddenly I remembered: my head wasn’t going to be the only part of my body hurting when Pat, her parents, & even my parents found out what I’d been up to. How did I get myself into thisRead More →