Review: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Review: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell


Simon Snow is the Chosen One. And like all Chosen Ones, he is a hot mess. He has so much power, more than has ever been seen in the magick realm, but so little control. He only needs to slightest provocation to “go off” and leave destruction in his wake. He is kind of like Harry Potter if Harry was roommates with Draco Malfoy and they were in a really weird love triangle.

They go to Watford, a school for the mages, where the Mage (think Dumbledore) brought Simon when he was 11. Apart from his annoying roommate Baz Pitch (Draco Malfoy), the only other thing that makes him go off is the Insidious Humdrum, a most powerful villain who sends everything from weird bugs to dragons to Simon. With his best friend Penelope, a brilliant magician surnamed Bunce (think Hermione Granger), Simon wards off most of the Humdrum’s threats.

It is said that the Humdrum is the most powerful villain and has come to destroy all magick, but is that true? What does the Humdrum really want? Who really is Simon? Will Baz steal Agatha, the prettiest girl in all Watford from Simon?

Carry On is like an upside-down take on magic and chosen ones and their relationships as we know them. I like the book for the “escape value” it provides; I was able to get lost in the story. And it seemed that there were surprises at every corner. I kept widening my eyes thinking, “That happened??!!” The characters are very endearing.

I have questions, does Agatha ever find out the truth about Simon and Baz’s truce? How do they explain it to Penelope? If the Mage knew about Baz’s “vampireness”, why did he let him stay on at Watford? Why didn’t he use that as a weapon in the war against the elite families?

Rating: 3 Stars

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