On most social media platforms, the part of my profile that stumps me is the “bio”, or “about me” section. I just cannot figure out what to write. I sit and I think deeply, sometimes even leave the space blank for days. Then I come back and type something. Then I erase it and type a different one. Then I erase that different one and type another one. Then I come back after a few days and change that other one; I can’t seem to find satisfactory words to describe myself in a way that is fitting for the public. It has to say just enough about me to get readers interested, and not so much that they figure out how utterly irregular I am. Hmm… or should they? I don’t know.

After days and months of severe internal battle on three sentences, I start to check the bios of other people. Maybe my friends on the same platform. Some of their bios seem nice. Some have had theirs for years and I envy how absolutely sure they are of their bios, unlike I who end up changing mine about a gazillion times every year. Okay, maybe that’s not true. Sometimes, it’s twice a year. I just want something permanently kick-ass, but this thing just seems to elude me.

Should I say that I love music and books and chocolate in my bio? Well, isn’t that true for every person in the world? I mean, who doesn’t like music or books or chocolates? Wait, there are some people who don’t. I don’t know where they’re from, but they exist. The point is, these things don’t really say much about who I truly am.

Is it that I have not sufficiently figured myself out enough to state with absolute clarity who I perceive myself to be? Is it that I don’t yet fully understand myself? So many questions, so little answers; it’s probably why we still haven’t found a way around global warming.

It’s just difficult to string words into sentences that I think would accurately describe me. I don’t know. I give up.

Later, guys. Eat cake (chocolate) and prosper until we meet again.


  1. Changing it means you’re growing. I don’t think anybody writes their about page once and once only

  2. I feel the exact same way most of the time. I mean who doesnt like Books, Amala, and ice cream.

  3. I think we all feel like so at one point or the other.
    By the way i love your afro and your name is beautiful?i love it i won’t say why?

  4. lol.
    “God Loves me” and “I choose to be happy” are always what I go for.
    I don’t believe I can describe myself more accurately than that. lol

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