The Many Travails of this Nigerian Book Lover

The Many Travails of this Nigerian Book Lover


Some days, you wake up to startling realizations about yourself. Like the fact that you would much rather sit at the ocean side, listening to waves rise and crash against the shore and artificial bays, lost in a good story, than speak to humans. Or that it doesn’t even have to be by any body of water; just holding a book in your hands, being generally out of reach of humans, getting lost in stories and lives that are or would be in another time, another place, is enough to fill your heart.

Then, you do everything to always have that joy, that safe place.

I love to read. I love books. I have books. Quite a number. Problem is, most of them are e-books. There’s nothing wrong with e-books, it’s just, I’m not as eager to read them. Sometimes, I even forget that I have certain books and I go looking for them again. That doesn’t happen with paperback.

This might be an incredibly cliché Book Nerd thing, but I really do enjoy hugging holding books, sniffing them, and knowing that they’re here and mine. And I can just stare at them if I want, grinning, wondering how beautiful a thing can get and how much joy it can bring.

What’s holding me back and damping my Book Hoarder greatness, you ask? Availabilty of books. Variety of available books. Cost of available books. Many of the booksellers (who have stores online and offer delivery services) don’t have a lot of variety. And if they have The Fishermen or A Brief History of Seven
Killings, you look at the price and decide to just go to B&N or Amazon. Enter another travail: shipping costs.
No matter how many or how little books I purchase, the shipping always costs more than the books. And needless to say, my wallet is not amused. I mean, if my wallet is going to get damage, let books do the damaging; I don’t mind. But the books can’t even do as much damage because, shipping!
I have made enquiries with many of the freight and shipping companies that parade themselves as easy and affordable ways to shop abroad and get goods delivered here, but their prices are all a bit too much for my blood pressure.
Ugh! Can we get Asos or Ali Express to stock books?!
Or, you know, does anyone have any actual solution/suggestion to this shipping to Nigeria thing? How do you guys do it?




  1. Some guys like O and O gadgets who are registered shippers or something like that. I guess that’s another option, don’t know if its cheaper though…

  2. I know that feeling about reluctance to read ebooks. I habe over 300 unread books in my e-reader but there’s no motivation to read them. A phone, no matter how big cannot take the place of a paperback.

    And as for buying books, I use Amab Books. It’s in Minna and they have very cool books. If they don’t have one available, you can request.
    Mail them at
    I hope this works.
    Beautiful new blog you have here.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I have heard of Amab. And Africa Reeds. They have pretty cool collections. I look forward to plundering my wallet 😀

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