We were there. In the place where lovers go only in each other’s arms. It didn’t matter whose hand I held, my eyes were always on you.  Through each other’s eyes, we watched the Victoria and marveled at the Taj. We saw the Wonders and lived and laughed, and I loved it, even though I had Tomorrow’s ring on my finger. I hated hurting him, but your smile promised me a thousand tomorrows. So I let him go and signed away all, because you would be enough.

This wasn’t like that first time, when I was there, waiting for you, but you did not come because I was not it. Because I was not enough. This time, it was both of us. There.  So we kissed and whispered nothings and fell asleep. And here I am. Awake and alone. With nothing.


      1. oh yes, I went there last year and it was amazing … simply breath taking … Infact I wrote about it – The Taj … there is a reason why they call it a wonder…

        1. Just read it. Boy! Do you have such a way with words! Is that your blog too?

  1. Bukky, I’m not sure I understand this. I’m trying to. wonderful though!

    1. Loss that comes with chasing dreams in the wind. And the sadness that comes with realising that you traded everything for nothing. It was never there.

      1. There is always something even in nothing
        We fail to see ‘cos we choose not to
        My alien friends told me so

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