We sat mostly silent in the parked car, listening to music from the radio. We made small talk in-between songs, with me keeping my gaze on the car’s glove compartment when he spoke to me. I always was overwhelmed by his charisma; I could never believe someone like him was into someone like me. And for all my brashness and naiveté, I considered myself lucky to be the chosen one.

The radio played love songs and he sang along in his mostly cool voice. A song came on, “I’m gonna wait for you, even if it takes forever; that’s what a real man’s supposed to do…”.

He looked at me again then, and said “This song is for you; I will wait for you.”

Briefly, I wondered about this supposed waiting since I was already his woman. But maybe he meant that he was waiting for me to grow up and get out of my shell. What does it matter even? He said he would wait for me, and it was sweet of him.

A few months later, he got tired of waiting. His text message read “…I don’t want to hold you back, so if you find someone else…go with them.”


  1. That’s horrible.
    How can he do that ?
    All these Nigerian boys sef. Kmt.

  2. or could it be that someone else was waiting for him…..or he found someone to go with…….

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